BiFest is a one-day event celebrating bisexuality, for bisexuals and bi-friendly people. Originating in London, it has now spread to several other UK locations.

Birmingham - 12 November 2016

Birmingham BiFest will happen on 12 November 2016 at Birmingham LGBT; see this Eventbrite page for tickets.

London - 8 April 2017

London BiFest is back, with a new venue at Kingston Quaker Centre. The site at has details.

Wales - (May 2017?)

Wales has hosted a BiFest every year since 2010. It is likely that there will be one in May 2017 - watch the Bi Cymru page for updates.

BiTastic! in Glasgow - 3 December 2016

Not a BiFest, but a similar event one-day event in Grasgow hosted by The Equality Network. Details on Facebook here.